About twelve years ago, I began co-writing a rock opera on Mary Magdalene with Susan Griffin, called Magdalene, Woman of Light. In 2004, Luma Lor joined us as composer and eventually became our third creative partner on the project.

We previewed the opera at Old Main Theatre on the University of Colorado Campus in August 2005 as part of the Boulder International Fringe Festival. In spring of 2007, we finished the opera and went on to do a staged reading of the completed opera for an invited audience at the Boulder Dinner Theatre. 

Based on audience feedback and our own assessment, we went in to do major rewrites. With support from an Angel Investor, we did a full production of the opera at the New Denver Civic Theatre in fall of 2008, which received standing ovations and critical acclaim. We then went on to do another set of major rewrites based on what we saw worked and didn’t work.

In 2010, I formed my own company MW Corporation with the express purpose of taking Magdalene, Woman of Light to the next level. I met with industry professionals in New York City and based on their feedback, embarked once again on the rewrite path with partner S. Griffin, honing, tightening and polishing our story.

Last year following an intuitive tug, I travelled to the UK to investigate the possibility of doing a staged reading in London. Through a series of very synchronistic events, I met and began dialoguing with London director, Marc Urquhart. We began work together in earnest this spring to prepare a fifty-five minute version of the opera for a staged reading.

Woman of Light is now ready for the next step; a new staged reading at the Charing Cross Theatre in London September 21, 2012. The purpose of the reading is to garner investor interest for a full-length production.

Michele Wagner