Producer / Director / Playwright / Lyricist

Woman of Light Creator, Michele WagnerFrom deep roots reaching back to childhood, Michele has pursued her love of the performing arts and the spiritual mysteries. She studied acting in college, graduating with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, and pursued an acting career for many years. Highlights include a recurring role on Law and Order, the female lead in a film called Chamber Music and studies abroad at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Michele was simultaneously drawn to experience and explore indigenous cultures with a profound connection to Spirit and a reverence for all life. Her quest for wholeness and holiness has taken her to the Amazon Jungle, Indonesia, the Arctic wilderness, and England. Michele has worked, studied and done ceremony with shamans from El Salvador, Peru, the United Kingdom and United States. Through ceremony, dreams, meditation and shamanic journeying Michele has worked with the different archetypes of Sophia, Mary Magdalene, and The Black Madonna to find and express the Feminine Face of God.

Although Michele still performs occasionally, she is finding great pleasure in writing, directing and producing. After finishing the libretto for the rock opera, Magdalene, Woman of Light in June of ’07, she directed and co-produced a full production of the opera at the New Denver Civic Theatre in fall of 2008, which received standing ovations and critical acclaim.

In 2010, she formed her own company MW Corporation with the express purpose of taking Magdalene, Woman of Light to the next level. She met with industry professionals in New York City and based on their feedback, embarked once again on the rewrite path with partner S. Griffin, honing, tightening and polishing their story.

Last year following an intuitive tug, She travelled to the UK to investigate the possibility of doing a staged reading in London. She met and began working with London director, Marc Urquhart to prepare a sixty-minute version of the opera for a staged reading.

Woman of Light will open at the Charing Cross Theatre in London September 21, 2012. The purpose of the reading is to garner investor interest for a full-length production.

In her exploration of many healing modalities, Michele finds that the performing arts unite all of her passions and provide the most profound path of healing for self and community.